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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

Several times in this commentary since the last provincial election, I unfortunately have said "I told you so" when referring to the performance of our Sask Party government.  This morning I'm having another one of those "I told you so" moments. 

In the 2016 general election, the PC candidate in Kindersley riding, Terry Smith, during an all-candidate debate challenged Bill Boyd to do the right thing.  He said, "Mr. Boyd, why don't you just resign now and save the taxpayers the cost of a by election because you are going to be gone in a short time anyway".   Mr. Boyd, of course, told the audience that the PC candidate was all wet and he would be around to serve the people of Kindersley for the next four years if elected.

Surprise!  Surprise!  Mr. Boyd pulls the pin on his political career last week one day before the CBC reveals another scandal knocking on his doorstep.  Sometime in the next six months, the taxpayers of Saskatchewan will be footing another $400,000 bill for a by election in the riding of Kindersley.  That money could have paid for four more nurses in the Kindersley area, probably a half a dozen teachers for the area's children or help repair some badly-needed infrastructure.  Maybe it could have put in a passing lane on that killer piece of road between Kindersley and Rosetown. 

The point I'm making is Mr. Boyd's resignation, along with Mr. Wall's resignation, is all about the wellbeing of themselves and the political health of the Sask Party and nothing to do with the health of Saskatchewan and it's deficit budgets. 

This past Friday the PC Party called on the rest of the Sask Party MLAs who are baling on a sinking ship to please announce their resignations all at the same time so that we are not burdened with a by election every second month for years to come.  There is absolutely no reason that Saskatoon Fairview and Kindersley could not be happening at the same time.

There is no reason for Kindersley to be happening at all as Bill Boyd should have done the right thing and left a long time ago because of his handling of GTH land scandal, SaskPower's smart meters fiasco and other wastes of taxpayer's money.  Because he stuck around, we now have Mr. Boyd peddling an irrigation company in China using the Sask government logo on promotional material allowing his business partners to pass him off as the Minister of the Economy and holding out the carrot of Canadian citizenship through our immigrant investment programs. 

I had always thought you had to file a prospectus with the Saskatchewan Securities Commission and have your business plan ok'd before you could start selling Saskatchewan investments to someone else.  Our illustrious former Sask Party Minister was somehow trying to convince people to buy an 80% interest in an irrigation pivot for $300,000 which in reality costs about $100,000 in total.  I also thought you needed to have water licenses in place to develop large scale irrigation projects off the south Saskatchewan river.  Evidently if you are an insider Sask Party person, you can do all of the above with no questions asked.

Is this exit strategy tied to Mr. Wall's exit and is this all about getting out of dodge before another shoe drops?  It is an exit strategy that should be totally unacceptable to all Saskatchewan taxpayers.

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