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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson


Last Wednesday and Thursday were my first opportunities to get out and knock doors in the Saskatoon Fairview by-election with PC candidate David Prokopchuk.  During that time, I completely knocked two polls in different parts of the riding and talked to hundreds of voters.  The last Sask Party budget, the cuts to services and the unfairness around who is going to pay for Saskatchewan's mounting deficits were certainly topics of conversation.  Many people told me that they don't mind paying their fair share but when they see the waste and mismanagement of their Sask Party government on things like the Regina south bypass, they get really angry.

After taking a little time to think about what I heard, it is obvious most people are extremely unhappy with the current Sask Party government.  The question now is.....will they go back to the same old tired NDP format which has resulted in one of the weakest official oppositions in Saskatchewan's history or will they send a different message to Regina by backing the PC Party?  I saw no evidence of Liberal or Green support but maybe I was in the wrong part of Fairview.

The further revelations surrounding Bill Boyd and his sense of entitlement are an absolute outrage to people.  The question being asked is why didn't Brad Wall do something about this former Cabinet Minister and MLA during all those years that he was such a powerful figure in the Sask Party?  Mr. Boyd's behaviour has obviously also offended his fellow colleagues in the Sask Party caucus because former Cabinet Minister Jeremy Harrison's first press conference after announcing his leadership aspirations was to announce as Premier he would rectify all of the things around Mr. Boyd's behaviour and would clean up government. This of course is the same Jeremy Harrison who stood in the Legislature each and every day denying wrongdoing around the GTH and other aspects of Mr. Boyd's time as Minister of the Economy.

I wish I had been on the doors on Friday when the media revealed that both Mr. Wall and Mr. Boyd can depart politics with a $92,817 going away present from the taxpayers of Saskatchewan as a transitional allowance.  As I mentioned last week in my commentary, Bill Boyd was challenged during the last election campaign to do the right thing and leave politics before inflicting further damage on Saskatchewan.  He now resigns when the political heat is too great to handle, forces another $400,000 by-election on top of his $92,000 and the taxpayers of this province are supposed to say "thank you for your service and time Mr. Boyd". 

It will definitely be an interesting conversation with voters in Saskatoon Fairview when I head up there again this week to once again support David and encourage voters in this by-election to send a new message to Regina. 

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