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Since my last commentary, my home community of Moose Jaw set a record of being the windiest place on the entire planet earth last Tuesday night with wind gusts up to 131 km.  This is the same wind storm which wrecked havoc across southern Saskatchewan, pushed massive wildfires on the west side of the province and claimed at least 1 life.  We must never underestimate the forces of nature and be prepared at all times to be vigilant in our own operations and be prepared to help our neighbour.  My condolences to families that were affected by these tragedies. 

On our farm our damage was limited to a few broken trees one of which was my favourite climbing tree as a child, the same tree which my two sons enjoyed climbing on and I was hoping that some of my grandchildren would be doing the same thing on the same tree.  It split right in two so we will have to find a new climbing tree for the new generations of Swensons.

A quick reminder to all viewers of this commentary that the PC Party's AGM will be held in Saskatoon on Saturday, November 4th at the Cosmos Civic Centre.  To register or for more information, please give Dale a call at the PC office.

This coming Wednesday, October 25th, I will be attending the opening session of the Saskatchewan's Legislature of the fall sitting.  It will be very interesting to see how the Sask Party government is managing the province's finances given that they have reversed many of the major cuts brought down in the spring budget and that the five people running for Mr. Wall's job have all promised to do away with the rest.

The Sask Party was totally untruthful with the public in the last general election about the state of the province's finances and it appears they have no plan in place of how to clean up the mess which they have created.  It totally baffles me how four of the individuals who sat around the cabinet table while the last budget was being prepared can now try to deny that they had any part in the government's decision making process.  The fifth individual was the head of Saskatchewan's entire public service and as such, would have been the person bringing the recommendations forward to the cabinet from all the various departments and how they would trim their budgets.  She of course says "I wasn't elected so you can't blame me". 

All of this should make for some interesting discussions around the current cabinet table and it should also make for some interesting answers in question period.  Of course that will only happen if the NDP opposition get off their collective backsides and start performing the role of an aggressive and stronger opposition which they have neglected to do in the past.

The PC Party presented a number of strong alternative policies in the last general election on how to get Saskatchewan out of its current malaise and start planning for the future.  On Wednesday, we will get some indication of Mr. Wall's swan song to the people of Saskatchewan and his cherished legacy.

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