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I am aware that our Leader’s Monday Morning Commentary is circulated beyond the P.C. Party membership. As P.C. Party President, I must target this first report to our membership. If you are a political observer or one of my enemies, you may find the report useful.

I thank the Party for re-electing me as the volunteer Party President at our November Annual meeting. Our Leader, Rick Swenson is also a volunteer Leader who is taking an unpaid vacation.

From this week forward, I will try to write a President’s Report each week. When our Leader returns from his unpaid vacation I may not report each week.

  In 2018, I will spend less time helping people locally and more time as Party President. I am pleased to have received a mandate to be an activist President to build a modern progressive conservative party.  Future reports will address that mandate.

 A President’s warning to all conservatives, you cannot build a modern conservative party by looking in the rear view mirror. To move forward you have to have your vision forward.

 On November 4th, 2017, our P.C. Party resolved to become a modern progressive conservative party. All three of those words have equal weight.

 Contrary to the narrative of the left, progressive is not limited to liberal or socialist. The progressive conservative party was formed in 1942. A dictionary definition of progressive reads as follows:

 “(1)     interested in or using new ideas in order to advance to do something better.

  (2)      favouring moderate social or political reform.”

 On November 4th the modern P.C. Party adopted a mission to change the world; starting in Saskatchewan. Power for greed and personal gain is not acceptable in the modern P.C. Party. The members approved a code of conduct for all members and employees.

The party agreed to formulate a foundation policy based on an incentivist agenda by considering incentives in all policy formation.

The party is concerned that not all citizens are being given the opportunity to achieve and work to their ability. There is a lack of leadership and incentives to achieve that goal.

In this province we have dreamers on the left; greedy fools on the right (flipping land and mismanaging a boom). You, the people, are stuck in the middle not knowing what to do.

We, the modern P.C. Alternative are stuck in the middle with you; however, we know what to do. The challenge is getting the people’s attention to convince them we have practical new solutions.

In the coming weeks, I will explain the incentivist foundation policy we are developing. I will advocate that incentivism as a policy is an alternative to socialism or capitalism.  

I know reading about scandal and mismanagement would be more interesting. We are always investigating bad government and will have plenty of scandal to report in 2018. We have documents which prove political interference on the Regina Bypass. I have spoken to the RCMP about this issue.

The role of Government is to solve problems. It will be a challenge to clean up the Sask Party’s mess.

Grant Schmidt - P.C. Party President

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 These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.