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I did not report last week as I was busy investigating the Tower Road Scandal again. The NDP can’t figure out what is going on at Tower Road. We did in February 2016.

Today, I am updating on the Tower Road scandal. Firstly, I am attaching the February 25th, 2016 Media Release of the modern P.C. Party. The PC Party website link to this Media Release can be found at:


The Release was largely ignored by the Saskatchewan media except for one brave woman. The others should explain why they were not interested in such important news.

Today I am sending you two photos of the land titles map we created showing some of the search results. Open and you will see red, green, and gold.

The green and gold are the Saskatchewan Party colours where speculators made millions. When you see red you see only nine million dollars of the total price tag for moving Tower Road junction 400 meters to the east. That is not the total cost. We are still investigating the red landowner so far we think he is innocent but lucky.

Where you see green and gold, the green is the land the Sask. Party government bought from speculators for over nine million dollars. In gold is the land the speculators sub-divided after the tax payers bought the green and built them a free service road.

I will give you details in a future report. I just want you to get the ugly pictures to consider when you get the next report. So far we can prove forty-three million dollars spent on East Bypass land without secret expropriation costs. Yesterday, the Minister irresponsible used an eighty million dollar figure. 

The total Bypass costs have now gone over the two billion dollar mark.

 Grant Schmidt - P.C. Party President

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