Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

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Congratulations Premier Moe on your internal election as Premier of Saskatchewan. You are now responsible for the future of over one million people. Most of these people will need changes in your Government so they can survive, be happy, and prosper.

The pcsask.ca party thinks you are honest and will try your best. Your best probably will not be good enough unless you learn to take advice from better people.

We offer to give advice if you call Rick Swenson or me. We have a record of balancing our departments’ budgets and we were not afraid to challenge the insiders, cronies, and land speculators in the Sask. Party. I was thrown out of your party for asking too many questions. I hope you didn’t know what was going at the rotten core of your party. You should find out and fix it.

I recommend you enjoy your victory for a week or two. If you do not seek the advice of pcsask.ca we will give it to you anyway. Our goal is to change the world and you have the power to start in Saskatchewan. We challenge you to implement our policies.

Mr. New Premier, you do not yet understand the mess your former crony conservative masters have left you and all of us in. We congratulate you in leading the revolt against the rotten core. Now clean up the premier’s office and the cronies running your party.

In a few months you will realize that Rick Swenson and I were very instrumental in making you Premier. Now don’t let the people down.

The little pcsask.ca third party opposition was able to bring down your Deputy Premier, Bill Boyd, and your Premier, Brad Wall both for just cause. Don’t give us any more cause give us good government.   

The PC Sask party investigated and exposed the GTH scandal, Regina By-pass one billion dollar waste, and the structural budget deficit.

If you think you would be Premier today if we did not uncover these secrets you are not wise enough to be Premier.                                          

Ignore us at your peril, we are in good health and we are not going away. Call us; you don’t know how much we know. We may sound arrogant. There is a difference between arrogance and self-confidence. The P.C. Party of Saskatchewan is an alternative if you fail.

Grant Schmidt- PC Party President