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This report is about you and me. To avoid confusion “you” are the residents of Saskatchewan and “me” is the president of pcsask.ca. Pcsask.ca is the modern logo and my abbreviation for the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan.

This story is about my quest to find a new “ism” to help you and all of us to a happy and prosperous life. I know most of you don't give a damn about me. I understand human nature. All my life I have been thinking and working to improving your lives.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Sheron and I joining pcsask.ca. Sheron comes from a blue liberal family. My family voted for John Diefenbaker and Tommy Douglas.

Both of us were born to financially poor farmers and raised as happy winners.

In the CCF education system the market did not exist. I remember the little blue book “Co-operative Studies” in public school. At school and in my community I was educated as a socialist.

By 1974 Sheron was a teacher and I was a lawyer. The NDP were recruiting me to run in Yorkton. We also started to pay income tax and discovered socialism was not free. I always had doubts about the theory of Marx.

In 1976 after a meeting with 1/3 of Allan Blakeney's cabinet including the finance minister and energy minister I discovered that from reading Time magazine I knew more about their portfolios then they did. At the age of 27, I came to the conclusion socialism would never work and the NDP had to be replaced.

My enemies on the left and right will attack me again either for leaving or having been there, however, not long after my conversion to capitalism I was vindicated by Deng Xiaoping and Mikhail Gorbachev who came to the same conclusion in the 80's.

I also came to the conclusion capitalism is better but neither fair nor compassionate. (See the great Canadian bread conspiracy). I searched for a new political party and considered the blue liberals or the progressive conservatives. During the 1978 election I decided progressive conservative was the best balance of a market economy with social programs. Sheron and I joined the PC Party.

Progressive conservative always seemed a little difficult to understand. Then I did some research and discovered the first progressive party was started by former republican president Teddy Roosevelt. The Americans should revive the center progressive party.

For four decades, I have watched the left-right feud distract multiple governments resulting in lost opportunity, false information and frustration for you the people. The role of government is not to provide jobs for politicians and their cronies.

I will not go into all of the roles of government in this report. Some of the roles of government are:

  1. 1. To solve problems.
  2. 2. Public safety.
  3. 3. Public services not best delivered by the market.
  4. 4. Promoting a market economy
  5. 5. Promoting equal opportunity
  6. 6. Providing for people with disabilities
  7. 7. Regulating Greed


Socialism has been proven to be an unworkable theory. Capitalism can be unfair. We often hear the word incentive or incentivize used by many people. No one has come up with the application of incentive as government policy. In the future I will explain Incentivism as government policy. I am preparing a paper proposing Incentivism: One policy: many solutions.

Every political party needs a policy foundation (a soul). Incentivism can be a policy which acknowledges the market is a result of human nature and finds solutions to problems caused by capitalism and competition. The left-right feud is not solving your problems. Pcsask.ca proposes to do what works.

A problem to solve

I want to conclude this week’s report with the observation we have a public safety problem in some of our cities and in some rural areas. In Canada we license gun owners and we still have shootings by people who cannot legally possess a gun. Solving problems of public safety is a role of government.

This week pcsask.ca will look for public safety solutions and provide an alternative to the left right feud.

Grant Schmidt - President 

P.C. Party of Saskatchewan