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Firstly, on behalf of pcsask.ca, I want to thank our leader, Rick Swenson, for being the first politician to bring the grain transportation crisis to the attention of the media. He forced the dozing Trudeau Government and our loafing provincial representatives to take action.

Last week, I said pcsask.ca was looking for public safety solutions. We developed a plan for a Provincial Police Force in 2016, but did not have the money to get the message out. Unlike the Sask. Cronies and NDP, we do not have tax money for communications.

Last Wednesday, we released our proposal for a Saskatchewan Police Force. On Friday, we attended the SARM convention and took our plan for a Provincial Police Force to the SARM delegates. We explained a Provincial Police Force would combine all current public safety officers into one force coordinated to provide all aspects of public safety.

Pcsask.ca acknowledges the RCMP cannot be everywhere. The Provincial police would concentrate on public safety in towns, villages, and rural areas. It would concentrate on crime prevention, legal education, security systems, and how to protect yourself in a home invasion.

Home invasion is a problem. While I was on vacation, the problem spread to the Melville area. I want to be certain of the details before I comment on the incident.

Since we announced our Provincial Police Force plan, we have had SUMA, the Police Association, SARM, and rural women show interest. We will follow up on communication with these groups.

The cost of the Provincial Police would mostly be a redirection of existing spending. Additional police costs can be justified by the need for public safety. Taxpayers cannot afford to be cheap on public safety.

I have known for fifteen years rural residents and in particular rural women are living in fear. I have never had the power to solve the problem.

After the release of our Provincial Policing Force solution, I had a rural woman living in fear contact me. All I could do was advise her to purchase bear spray and promise that pcsask.ca is working on other public safety solutions.

I need to get approval for my public safety solutions from our party executive. I hope to announce more public safety solutions in the future. Progressive Conservatives stand for law and order.  

We welcome your input on problems that need solutions. Call me at (306) 728-0156

 Grant Schmidt - President 

P.C. Party of Saskatchewan