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The calendar says that it's spring but my body and the amount of clothes I had on this morning to check cows tells me it's still winter.  Joanne and I came back from Arizona last Thursday hoping that our arrival would bring warm weather with us.  Instead, we came back to ice covered roads between Medicine Hat and Moose Jaw and lots of white knuckle driving in between.  Unfortunately, on our way to Regina on Saturday for a granddaughter's birthday party, we witnessed a half ton truck doing a double rollover and landing back on its wheels.  All of us in Saskatchewan need to be prepared at all times to deal with Mother Nature and the ever-changing road conditions that exit until spring finally does arrive for good.

Thank you to PC Party President Grant Schmidt for the last couple of weeks of commentary and a different perspective on politics in Saskatchewan.  Over the next couple of months as the PC Party goes through its leadership process, Grant and I will be writing the commentaries with a different twist for you to peruse and make comments on.

Yesterday morning the PC Party put out a news release welcoming David Bucsis of Yorkton as the new Executive Director.  I would encourage everyone to look at the Party's news release which will show that David has an extensive resume of political, business and community involvement.  Please take the opportunity in the coming months to welcome him and say hello as he travels around the province promoting the PC Party of Saskatchewan. 

David will be replacing Dale Burnay who stepped in on an interim basis last August.  I can't say enough about Dale's work ethic and dedication to the Party.  Dale had previously been our Executive Director some years ago and brought a whole host of political knowledge to the position and I look forward to working with him in the months to come as he continues to serve on the Executive of the Party.  Thanks again Dale!

 After a couple of weeks of American politics, it's nice to come home to a system that is at times frustrating, painfully slow to implement change and at times makes your blood boil, but does represent some of the best of what Canadians are.  In my view, the American system is broken and the continued excesses of Donald Trump are only indicators of how broken it truly is.  Americans are preparing once again for national congressional elections so life in the good old US of A will be pure ugly politics until those elections are over in November.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got home and started reading past copies of the Regina Leader Post to see that the Sask Party government is now trying to foist their GTH financial boondoggle onto the City of Regina.  If the Mayor and Council of Regina don't have the sense they were born with to allow themselves to be dragged into this mess then they should be thrown out by the taxpayers of that city.   Until the long-delayed Justice Department investigation of Bill Boyd and his business cronies is completed in full and the true costs of land acquisition and servicing agreements are revealed to the public, there should be no sale of this property.

From reading the articles, it appears the GTH is badly in debt, has not met its land sale projections and is way behind the monies owed to the City of Regina for servicing agreements.  It is imperative that the new Premier commit to an open and accountable examination of this whole process and that any of his current Cabinet Ministers who had anything to do with the GTH and related portfolios should be forced to come clean with what they know. 

Simply because Brad Wall and Bill Boyd have exited Saskatchewan politics does not and should not mean that others of the Sask Party government can be absolved from the mess and loss of taxpayers' dollars that is surrounding the GTH.  I can understand why Don Morgan would want to dump this mess onto the lap of Regina City Council in order to preserve the Sask Party's political hide but that should not be the case until all the answers are given.

I'm looking forward to the presentation of Saskatchewan's budget on April 10th to see how Premier Moe tries to pull the fiscal rabbit out of the hat and expunge Saskatchewan's billion dollar deficit without drastically taxing all of us.  We shall wait and see.

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