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We are one day short of a week of this year's provincial budget presentation. As usual with these well-crafted documents, particularly if they are crafted by a government who feels political power slipping from their grasp, the devil is in the details.

The initial reaction seemed to be one of relief that there weren't the drastic cuts and tax hikes that occurred in last year's budget.  There was no stripping away of money for schools, libraries and the funerals of Saskatchewan's poorest citizens.  The changes in the Sask Party brain trust made sure those events wouldn't happen again.  The reality is, however, that this Sask Party government is adding $2.3 billion to the provincial debt and is not setting a path for economic growth. 

By last Friday, we found out that no matter how good a deal you thought you made with your local car dealer on a used car or truck, you will be charged PST according to what some bureaucrat in SGI deems it is worth.  Once again, we have a Crown Corporation being used as a financial milk cow by the Sask Party government. 

This is the same old trick the previously NDP governments used by using our Crown Corporations - many of which are monopolies - to back-door tax us.  As the days and weeks move on, there will be other examples of cash grabs by this broke Sask Party government that has no vision for the future except winning another provincial election by talking to their base.

The next shoe to drop will probably be a down-grade in Saskatchewan's credit rating so that we can spend more of our hard-earned dollars paying interest on the debt racked up by things like the Regina bypass.  One or two overpasses and a few traffic lights would have saved lives and not burdened this province with generations of debt. 

I've always believed in my personal life and when I was in government that you borrow money to make money and then when you make money, you can spend it to improve the quality of life for your family and in the case of government, for the citizens of this province.  You put in place the incentives that will encourage people to create wealth.  The Sask Party has learned how to create wealth for a few of their rich friends and the Party's election bank account.  They have forgotten about the rest of us. 

In case some of you did not see the release, the PC Party of Saskatchewan will be holding a leadership convention on the 3rd and 4th of November, 2018 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  I think it is very important that Saskatchewan pays attention to this event, that good people put their name forward to contest this leadership and that the PC Party has a new beginning and therefore gives Saskatchewan voters a choice they currently don't have. 

Saskatchewan needs a made-in-Saskatchewan Conservative party that is fiscally responsible and socially progressive.  Saskatchewan needs a party that talks about incentives and brings forth policies that brings out Saskatchewan's entrepreneurial excellence so that we can generate the wealth necessary to have a fair and just society. 

Stay tuned for some new ideas from the people seeking the leadership of the PC Party and stay tuned for some new ideas coming from the people who have been around the PC Party for a long time and stay tuned for more bad news out of this Sask Party budget. 

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These issues must be debated for “The Right Reasons”.