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One role of Government is to solve problems. STC’s money loosing bus system was a long term problem. The Sask Party’s solution was to terminate STC without a plan.

In ten years, the Sask Party could not figure out how to run a bus company. The Sask Party caused a new problem: No bus service.

When the Sask Party finally realized they were out of money and admitted they have a structural deficit; Wall and Moe panicked and destroyed the entire bus system. The Regina and Saskatoon terminals are gone.

Wall and Moe couldn’t ever get the destruction right and they now have to pay an extra $500,000.00 of borrowed money in severance.

Pcsask.ca is working on a solution. As PC Party President, I have started a study into the service now provided by a few private operators.

The pcsask.ca solution would be to help private operators to co-ordinate a private system that would be profitable and provide the missing service.

Once I have completed the province wide pcask.ca enquiry into bus and freight service, I will report again. I will report if a new private service is feasible. We would be pleased to listen to your stories of good, bad or no bus service.

Contact us at by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

or by phone (306) 692-7572.

Grant Schmidt - President P.C. Party of Saskatchewan – Pcsask.ca