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It is time to bring voting in Saskatchewan into the computer age.  We need a chipped voter’s card.

Two weeks ago, I called for a smart Health Card to replace our thirty year old now dumb health card.  Voter I.D. and our driver’s licence could also benefit from new information technology (IT).

As Minister of SGI, I introduced our first photo driver’s licence.  We still have an old tech driver’s licence and no voter’s I.D. card.

Saskatchewan should innovate to develop a universal Sask. I.D. card.  A new driver’s licence could be expanded to include a health card and voter’s all-in-one chip card with a photograph on it.

As a phase in, the driver’s licence could show if the card is for a citizen or a legal resident.  The driver’s licence with it’s address could be the first voter’s card.  Citizens with no driver’s licence would be issued a photo voter’s I.D. card.

Everyone could vote anywhere in Saskatchewan and Elections Saskatchewan would not need to prepare voters’ lists.  A card reader would print your ballot from electronic records.  After you mark your ballot, your vote would be sent to your constituency electronically after the count. 

AND no you could not vote with your phone.  If you are not prepared to make the effort to get to one of 2700 polls in Saskatchewan, you are not engaged enough to vote.  You will be recorded as don’t care.

Grant Schmidt

pcsask.ca President