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MAY 28, 2018

Good morning everyone!  After a three week absence and a whole lot of hours sitting on tractors and fixing old machinery, it's time to get my mind back to what is important for Saskatchewan.  Thanks to PC Party President Grant Schmidt for writing the commentary the last three weeks

I'm sure there are a thousand more like me who get tired of the monotony of long hours in the field and constantly worrying about what Mother Nature is up to.  It's been very dry in my part of Saskatchewan and for a couple of weeks - for the first time in my living memory - my RM had a total ban on burning.  That is the situation across much of our province.  A long and hot summer will keep all of us very vigilant and thinking about wild fires.

Since last Wednesday night, we received 6/10" of an inch of rain in a couple of thunderstorms and we are very thankful for it.  Some of those lentils that I put into dry dirt may now actually germinate.  Saskatchewan needs a three-day soaker in the worst way. 

Speaking of things Saskatchewan needs, leadership in one key area that seems to have gone by the wayside.  Canada has always been a nation of builders.  Our climate dictates that we need to build warm homes and good roads.  The size of our country means that we must build good transportation infrastructure to tie our country together and be commercially viable.  Nation building occurs when all of our citizens benefit from our rich resource base. 

All my life, I have always rejoiced when I heard the words to the song "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" because it typifies Canada.  The song does not say from the Atlantic to Rogers Pass.  It says "From the Atlantic to the Pacific".  We have a lack of leadership in this country both federally and provincially.  Our Prime Minister is not acting like a Prime Minister and we have provincial Premiers who think they are running banana republics. 

When I read a story about how domesticated salmon in pens in coastal British Columbia maybe spreading disease to the wild pacific salmon, I pay attention.  Those salmon swimming up the rivers of British Columbia have been a huge asset to Canadians.  When drought ravaged Saskatchewan in the 1930's, many of our citizens would go to British Columbia to work in the mining and lumber camps, the canning factories and the fruit orchards in order to sustain themselves through those difficult times of drought and poverty. 

For the Premier of British Columbia to suggest that the Pacific Coast of British Columbia is only available to the whims of his Green Party allies is utter and complete nonsense.  It appears that being the Premier of British Columbia is the best job that John Horgan has ever had and he will do anything to hang onto it including screwing the rest of Canada if need be.

If we do not smarten up and start thinking like Canadians of old, we will simply turn in to a more civilized version of the old Yugoslavia which split into a whole bunch of entities that went to war with one another and became a disgrace to Europe and cost the lives of thousands. 

Prime Minister Trudeau senior, who I had very little regard for, declared the War Measures Act and put the boots to the separatists in Quebec.  I believe he would tell Mr. Horgan to fuddle-duddle and get out of the way because Canada needs an oil pipeline to the Pacific Coast.  Dief the Chief would be pillaring poor Mr. Horgan from every podium across this country and would have told him to get out of the road because we are building a pipeline.  Sir John A. built a railroad across this country because Canada needed to be a nation from sea to shining sea.

Premier Notley refused last week to sit down at the Western Premier's conference with Mr. Horgan for good reason.  Our Premier Moe went and evidentially didn't say much because Mr. Horgan told the media after the conference ended that he felt no pressure from his fellow leaders on the pipeline issue at all.  I can tell you without a second thought that I would have made it so damn uncomfortable at that Premier's meeting that Mr. Horgan and his officials would have packed up their papers and gone home.

Leadership is about more than your own personal or political well-being.  As a Canadian, I care about BC salmon, I care about Ontario's auto workers and I care about the people in the Maritimes who rely on foreign oil because they can't get access to the Canadian product.  If we are going to even think about using Canadian taxpayer's dollars to buy out Kinder Morgan, then maybe it's time to go all in and also use the CN right of way to Prince Rupert which the Canadian government has owned for generations and finishing off the energy east project while we are at it to get enough pipeline capacity to make Canada work as it should.

Our Prime Minister - of whatever political stripe - needs to lead this country to energy independence and economic self sufficiency because others around the world will throw us under the bus doing the same thing for their country. 

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