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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

Rick is on a short holiday to regenerate energy to continue the campaign. When he returns, he will lead us into the 2016 Election.

As your party President, I put myself in campaigning mode on November 1st. We are now working to get our small but growing party ready for the election. I hope you have seen the new ads on the Regina truck route mismanagement.

In my first Monday Morning Commentary, I want to answer a question we often get. Why do we need a PC Party?

This past week, the PC Party launched a television and radio advertising campaign province-wide promoting our views on the Regina bypass issue and calling on people across this province to join with us in opposing the Wall government's $2 billion south Regina bypass plan.

The costs associated with this south Regina bypass have escalated beyond anything taxpayers could have imagined over the last two years. Besides the out-of-control spending by the Sask Party government, the whole plan is full of contradictions. What was supposed to be a bypass is now practically just another city street with high-cost housing and commercial development right up against the bypass. At the same time, the Sask Party's plan wanders around in the mud many miles south of Regina with huge construction costs attached to it.

I know I am a day late again and I don't have the excuse of a federal election this week, thank goodness, but there were two current issues I needed more clarification on. Both of these issues involve our Premier's pre-occupation with misguided mega projects and the spending of taxpayers' dollars for years to come.

I will deal with the south Regina bypass first. Anyone driving on the east side of Regina would notice the large trucks hauling dirt. Are these trucks hauling dirt to make the new overpass at White City where there have been serious safety considerations for many years? Are they hauling dirt for the new overpass at Balgonie so that heavy truck traffic can access the industrial area of Regina and also has safety considerations? The answer to the above is "no". They are hauling dirt from land that was owned by Cabinet Minister Christine Tell's family to the Tower Road location.

Well it's the morning after and Canada is definitely a different colour on the electoral map.

My comments yesterday about the polls calling for a Liberal minority were obviously a little out of touch with Canadians.  The same can be said for Stephen Harper and the brain trust in the PMO.  It seems that most Canadians did not appreciate that style of government and the attitude that you win at all costs in order to make your political agenda go forward. 

I think I and a lot of other Canadians really don't have a clue how Justin Trudeau will fill the Prime Minister's chair.  We definitely hope that he is not like his father.  To give Justin Trudeau a lot of credit, he started in third place.  He told Canadians about a different vision for our country and he was able to articulate that in the various debates.  I think Canadians were impressed that even in the face of intense attacks from his political foes, he was not afraid to consistently voice those beliefs. Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal Party ran one of the best political campaigns I have seen in a very long while and tapped into the progressive nature of Canadians.

If you haven’t already, please take the time to get out and vote today.

At 7:30 tonight, the longest election campaign in living memory will finally come to an end! Our political parties have spent vast amounts of money bombarding us with last minute advertising and election promises which you and I will ultimately pay for one way or another.

Political polling has not been what it used to be partially because Canadians have caught on to how pollsters work and are less forthcoming but also with the wide advent of cell phone use, many Canadians have phone numbers that pollsters can’t find. The same goes for political parties.

The polls look like they are pointing to a minority Liberal government. So stay tunes for my morning after-the-election commentary tomorrow and we will see how the whole mess turns out.

On a lighter note – go Blue Jays go!

Until tomorrow…..

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend.  Other than some rain and a big wind Sunday afternoon and evening, the weather cooperated and I'm sure many of you got together with family and friends and decimated the turkey population.  Thanksgiving is a great time of the year with all of our brilliant fall colors, the winding down of harvest and the ability for families to still enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.

Last week, the Sask Party government finally announced the results of their online consultation on farmland ownership.  There was great news for farm families in it.  75% of respondents said "NO" to Canadian pension plans investing in Saskatchewan farmland and 87% said "NO" to foreign investors.  I would think the Brad Wall government will now have to listen to the arguments put forward by the PC Party of Saskatchewan on behalf of Saskatchewan farm families starting back in January of 2013.

For a long time it was a very lonely battle to fight.  Most of the mainstream media either ignored it or discounted the ability of the PC Party to drive this issue.  As more and more people became aware of the consequences of the Premier and his inner circle allowing their business friends to make gobs of money on Saskatchewan farmland, people woke up to the consequences of this move.

Two weeks today the longest federal election campaign in living memory will finally come to an end. You can tell we are getting there because the ad cycle on television has been ramped up by every party that can afford to do so. Money still talks in politics.

I hope Canadians take the opportunity to turn out in droves and vote. The ability to select the people who govern you is still a rare commodity in much of the world. Personally, I believe voting should be mandatory like the Australian system. This may be a little too draconian for some Canadians who are pretty laid back and complacent about our democracy but if that's what it takes to pay more attention to the people who are spending our money.....so be it.

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