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Monday Morning Commentary

Rick Swenson

The Sask Party and its Premier Brad Wall's lack of long-term vision for the future has caught up with Saskatchewan BIG TIME. As of April 1st, the ramifications of this latest Sask Party budget are hitting everyone's pocketbook. None of us mind paying our fair share to make Saskatchewan a better place in which to live but it's really tough to swallow the mismanagement of our economy over the last ten years by this big spending government who have blown the greatest economic boom in our history.

What we have is the missed opportunity to value-add our economy coupled with a bunch of huge legacy projects for Brad Wall that this province cannot afford. A $2 billion south Regina bypass, which is in the wrong location to provide any meaningful, long-term employment, a questionable billion and a half dollar carbon capture plant that we don't own the technology for and numerous other big ticket items all add up to the mess we are into today. Many of these projects we will be paying for the next 30 years meaning there won't be money for other opportunities that may come along.

My thanks to PC Party President Grant Schmidt for a different way of looking at Saskatchewan's political scene over the last three weeks. I'm sure many of you appreciate Grant's direct way of problem solving and telling it like it is. He has devoted his life to being part of the public-policy process in our province and his commentaries certainly reflect that ongoing thirst to make our province a better place in which to live. I am sure that Grant and others will continue to contribute to this commentary over the next year.

Over the past three weeks, I've certainly had my fill of American politics and the ongoing drama around the Trump presidency. It's exhausting to watch! Many of my American acquaintances are beginning to feel the same way and would like to turn on their television sets to get some "real" news instead of this daily saga. It was good to see America's law makers pull back on the dismantling of their so-called Obama care medical system until they can come up with something better that will not take medical benefits away from tens of millions of their citizens. They will need some type of all-party initiative to make that happen or face the wrath of voters in 2018. Even Donald Trump has figured that out.

Because of the world-wide abilities of electronic communication and social media, I didn't totally leave the world of Saskatchewan and its politics while being away. That would be too much for a person like myself to do without going through some kind of massive withdrawal process. Like everyone else who pays taxes in this province, I was wondering how Mr. Wall and his Sask Party government were going to stop their big spending habits, poor policy decision making and an over-reliance on non-renewal resource revenue.

Happiness is Not Wall’s Deficit mess

Enjoy today Monday March 20th. It is Happiness Day according to the Happiness Institute, Canada has slipped from the 6th to 7th and U.S. from 13th to 14th. In this short commentary the P.C. Party will not question the definition of happiness. Apparently, high tax countries are happier.

Just enjoy the day; BECAUSE Wednesday March 22nd is Liberal budget day in Saskatchewan and Canada. Beware of the budgets of March is my warning on Happiness Day.

Suppressing the Truth Weakens Democracy

Modern Government is complicated, big, and bloated. For Brad Wall’s Government you can add secretive and devious. The Junta that runs the Saskatchewan Party only has one goal: Getting re-elected.

Saskatchewan voters are not surprised that Sask. Party politicians would lie to them. Actually, a majority has ignored the lies as long as the good times roll and the party goes on. Now the party is over. Who will pay? We all will pay.

David Porkopchuk Helps Put P.C. Back on the Map

On behalf of the P.C. Party, we thank David Prokopchuk our P.C. Candidate in the Saskatoon- Meewasin for helping to put the new P.C. Party on the Saskatchewan political map.

David’s effort in a well-run campaign showed the new P.C. Party is active and can be an alternative to the Sask. Party and NDP.

Last Friday and Saturday, I was once again in Saskatoon supporting PC candidate Dave Prokopchuk in the Meewasin by election. On Friday, I was knocking doors in a couple of residential areas on the north end of the riding and on Saturday morning, I was downtown between 24th and 25th in some of the high rise apartments there.

Arm River PC candidate, Raymond Carrick, was with me in this one particular 14-story building and as we neared the top, we took the opportunity to look out over the city. Directly to the north was City Hospital. When you looked across the river, you could see the construction occurring on the new Children's Hospital. Raymond is the Party's health critic and as such, has often commented on the waste and mismanagement of our health care dollars.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Family Day long weekend. It's hard to believe that its February 21st already with spring just right around the corner. I'm sure Old Man Winter isn't quite finished with us yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel. One of my neighbours has been calving since the middle of January and really appreciates this nice weather. Hopefully when our turn rolls around on April 1st, we will get more of the same.

An issue that seems to have come out of nowhere in the last year in North America is the idea that most of our news is "fake" news i.e. it is made up by reporters and networks and is a distorted view of what is real. Let's face it ... both Canada and the United States have founding principles based on the freedom of speech and the freedom of press so that various types of tyranny could not occur here as they had in places where many of our ancestors came from. I think we have a pretty strong belief in our society in those fundamental rights.

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